Introducing Patrick Lindemann, Esq. to the Best Immigration Lawyer Team

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Welcome Patrick Lindemann, Esq. to the Best Immigration Lawyer Team

There are very few lawyers in the United States with Patrick Lindemann’s unique experience and accomplishments that practice immigration law. If you’re facing immigration issues and you need the best, you’ll want Patrick in your corner. An exceptional lawyer with deep experience and knowledge in the field of immigration law, Patrick is the first choice for client’s facing serious immigration issues. Based upon his professional background and work history, he has the respect of judges and government officials that deal with immigration matters.

Prior to joining, Patrick spent over a decade with the United States Department of Homeland Security as a Trial Attorney handling nearly every type of immigration case. This unique experience has equipped Patrick to provide outstanding representation to clients dealing with the American immigration system. Whether you’re a business needing help with business immigration issues or you’re an individual facing deportation, Patrick can help. There are few lawyers with his level of expertise and knowledge regarding the immigration court process and system. Because of this, Patrick is often consulted by other lawyers who need help counseling their own clients about immigration matters. Whether your issue involves a bond hearing, a petition for asylum, adjustment of status, a DACA application or citizenship, Patrick and the are here to help.

In addition to being a great lawyer, Patrick brings a sense of compassion to every case given his own background as the son of an immigrant. Born in France, Patrick’s mother emigrated to the United States after his father petitioned for her to come to America. This personal background makes Patrick sensitive to the needs and concerns of those facing the American immigration system. Immigration law is complex and the process can be stressful. The stakes are very high. For this reason, it’s extremely important to have a highly knowledgeable and competent attorney, such as Patrick, in your corner. Patrick and pride themselves on providing honest, compassionate, and skilled representation to each client. For this reason, clients across the United States contact the firm everyday for help.

Patrick is a graduate of the University of North Dakota. He received both his undergraduate and law school education there. While at the University of North Dakota law school, he was a member of the prestigious Law Review. After completing law school, Patrick was admitted to practice law in Colorado. He joined the United States Air Force where he spent approximately 20 years as a lawyer handling interesting and important cases. After honorably serving his country in the Air Force, Patrick served as a tenured professor teaching students a variety of subjects, including immigration law. His professional and educational background makes Patrick uniquely qualified to offer a level of insight and representation to clients in immigration matters that are hard to match. If you want the best legal representation, call today.

EducationJ.D., University of North Dakota

B.A., University of North Dakota

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice
All 50 States and Territories

Professional & Bar Association MembershipsColorado State Bar

American Immigration Lawyers Association

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